Construction lawsuits are frequently accompanied by high fees and grueling legal processes. Mediation offers those entangled in the complexities of a construction lawsuit in Florida a viable alternative method of dispute resolution. Hiring an experienced Hollywood mediation lawyer can make the entire legal process simpler, faster and less expensive. Your attorney can help to ensure that everything is settled correctly the first time around.

If you choose to avoid court and begin the construction mediation process in Hollywood, our Florida-based firm can assist you. David S. Tupler P.A. has skilled and experienced lawyers available who can walk you through every detail of your case. It can be helpful to understand the differences between arbitration and mediation before deciding whether or not to opt out of court proceedings.


It's important to understand how the processes of arbitration and mediation differ. While both processes allow parties to settle their dispute without the hassle of going to court, these methods have a few key differences. No matter which method you chose to utilize, hiring a qualified Hollywood mediation attorney is always wise. If you're involved in a dispute that concerns a construction job in some way, hiring a lawyer with experience resolving construction-related disputes is also a good idea.


Mediation is a method of resolving a dispute between two parties without resulting in litigation. It makes use of a neutral third party or mediator who will help the two parties resolve their dispute using a hands-on approach. Mediation is a structured process which allows individuals to negotiate their issues calmly and in a structured environment. The main difference between mediation and arbitration is in the final decision-making process. In arbitration, the arbitrator has the power to decide on the final outcome of a dispute. With mediation, the mediator does not have the power to impose a final resolution. An experienced Hollywood mediation lawyer is usually a good choice as the third party in a mediation situation. Mediation lawyers understand the legal process and can show both parties what the legal consequences may be if their dispute does not get resolved through mediation, among other things.

  • How does mediation work? Mediation techniques can vary and aren't the same in every case. Today, the most common meditation techniques are the facilitative method, the evaluative method, and the transformative method. The methods used for mediation will depend on the unique circumstances of your specific dispute. Mediation isn't used in construction disputes as commonly as arbitration is, though it can be effective under some circumstances. For instance, if a contractor has not completed a job within the timeframe of the pre-arranged contract, the individual who hired the contractor may begin to threaten legal action. Let's suppose that the contractor suggests meditation and the other party agrees. Both parties may be able to work out a viable mediation strategy to ensure that the job is completed based on a new deadline. This is just an example. Most mediation cases are much more complicated than this, however, the general idea remains the same. A mediator provides neutral dispute resolution methods and helps both parties take a step back and calmly come to a decision on how to fairly resolve their dispute.

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Arbitration is a method of alternative dispute resolution. Arbitration involves both parties working together with a third party to resolve an issue that's in dispute instead of going to court. The impartial third party is known as an arbitrator and may be chosen by the parties before arbitration takes place. the arbitrator will hear out both sides of a dispute in order to make a decision on how the dispute should be handled. While the parties will meet outside of a courtroom, the arbitration process is in many ways like a court hearing, as both parties will present their testimonies and evidence and then be given a final verdict. The arbitration process is, however, much faster than a court hearing could ever be. After both parties have given their evidence, a decision will be reached quickly. This decision is usually final.

  • How does arbitration work? It's important to understand how the arbitration process usually unfolds. Arbitration is overseen by an arbitrator who will facilitate communication between the two parties involved in a dispute. It is important to choose an arbitrator with an extensive legal background and experience arbitrating disputes similar to the dispute that you are involved in. Ergo, if you are seeking arbitration for a construction-related dispute, you should hire a construction arbitration lawyer. This way, the arbitrator will be able to better understand the exact ramifications of their final decisions made concerning a dispute which can lead to a better outcome for both parties involved. Arbitration may be voluntary or mandatory. Mandatory arbitration must be ordered by the court. In these situations, an arbitrator will usually be assigned to handle a dispute. With voluntary arbitration, both parties will choose and agree on their arbitrator.


A qualified mediation lawyer can help both processes go much smoother. A seasoned and experienced attorney will be able to walk both parties through the legal requirements of either process. In arbitration, an attorney will be able to assist with all of the necessary court proceedings and administrative duties. They will be able to ensure that both parties are held legally responsible in a dispute and will give a final concrete decision. With mediation, an attorney will be able to look at the dispute from a legal standpoint. This can help the involved individuals understand what things would look like if they do wind up filing a lawsuit. Additionally, an experienced lawyer will know how to diffuse a situation and will be less likely to unfairly take sides in a dispute. Professionals in the legal field tend to know how to handle emotionally charged situations and keep a level head under pressure.


Are you involved in a construction-related dispute in Broward County? We can help. David S. Tupler P.A. has been assisting clients in Florida for over 20 years and knows the ins and outs of both arbitration and mediation. Our legal team can help you resolve your disputes effectively and satisfactorily. Hiring a Hollywood mediation attorney doesn't always mean going to court, and with arbitration and mediation, you can ensure that your dispute won't escalate further. Remember, the sooner you retain legal help for your dispute, the better its final outcome will usually be. We can help you work through your construction dispute and handle everything correctly the first time.

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