If you're planning to create, edit or register commercial agreements, it's best to have a qualified and experienced Hollywood contract lawyer working with you. Contracts of any kind can be complex; contract-related issues tend to arise when documentation is incomplete or where important provisions have been overlooked. David S. Tupler, P.A. helps businesses and individuals alike draw up fair contractual agreements. We can help ensure that your assets are better protected by the terms of your written legal agreement.


When drafting a contract concerning a business, rental space, any goods or services, construction project or any other important transaction, it's critical that every aspect of your contract has been handled correctly. This can include filing in the correct timelines, ensuring that all of the document's minute details have been properly worded, using updated terms and adding in reasonable clauses and provisions. When you retain the legal services of David S. Tupler, P.A., you'll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your contract has been properly drafted with the help of an experienced professional. Laws are continuously changing and in Florida, and contract law can get complicated quickly. Your Hollywood contract attorney will be able to walk you through every step of the contract drafting process so that in the future, you'll be less likely to have any contract breaches or face contract disputes. Essentially, the more comprehensive your contractual agreement is from the start, the less likely you are to have to deal with an aggravating and costly lawsuit later.


Experienced contract dispute lawyers in Florida understand a company's good name is on the line whenever any legal allegations surface. Our attorneys can help you navigate the complexities of breached contract cases related to banking, construction, defense, finances, government issues, health care, insurance policies, real estate, landlord and tenant disputes, retail, technology, telecommunications, compounded contracts and more.


With contract disputes, most cases usually center around factors like delivery timing, the state of goods or merchandise, services rendered, and financial obligations. If you're updating an agreement, drafting a legal document, or completing a new contract, it's important to acknowledge a few questions before finalizing anything. Here are a few examples of questions that you should be able to competently answer:

  • Have all applicable forms and registration requirements been submitted to Florida's Department of Corporations?
  • Has Florida's Department of Corporations approved all of your submitted paperwork?
  • Are all parties involved capable of following the terms of a legal agreement?
  • Does the contract in question offer reliable services, goods, or money?
  • Is your agreement verbal or has it been written?
  • Is there any language that the involved parties have agreed upon excluding?
  • Are there any terms or conditions in your contract that the parties involved clearly disagree on?

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There are few other key factors to consider before drafting a commercial contract, including:

  • The enforceability of the contract: Some contracts may have points that simply aren't enforceable. For instance, if you were drafting an agreement that mandated payments would be made on exactly the 31st of every month my 5:00 PM but had a payment center that closed on weekends your contract may not be enforceable. This is because during the course of some months the 31st would fall on a weekend meaning that payments would inevitably be late. Instead, you would want to state that payments must be made on or by the 31st of every month.
  • Potential term variation: However eloquent and well drafted your contract may be, certain elements and terms may need to be varied or updated. In some cases, fresh consideration of terms must be applied. Under the Unfair Contract Terms Law 93 of 1996, consumers are protected from certain contract mandates. Unfair unilateral variations of an agreement will usually not be permitted by a commercial enterprise doing business with individual consumers.
  • Agreement consistency: You'll also want to be sure that all of the terms and provisions of your contract are consistent throughout. For instance, if you have an agreed upon payment amount with another business that doesn't match to the total amount that must be rendered for payment at the end of your contract, you'd have an inconsistency that could cause you some big issues down the road.
  • Available remedies: It's very important to consider that the other party in your contract may not be able to adequately perform all of their agreed upon duties. When this happens, it's wise to offer an acceptable legal alternative for the other party. This is always a better alternative than simply taking the other party to court. This way, a judge will be able to see that you have offered fair and reasonable alternative actions in the event that you do wind up having a contract dispute later on down the road.

If you aren't confident about your answers to any of the above questions or if you aren't sure whether your contract will be susceptible to negative legal ramifications, it's always a wise idea to hire a qualified Florida contract attorney to assist you or to represent you in when entering into a contract. The legal team at David S. Tupler, P.A. is available to help you determine the validity of your contract and will be able to immediately spot areas that make your company vulnerable to any type of incursion.


In Hollywood, Florida, all lawsuits and disputes concerning a written agreement must be filed within five years of the completion of the aforementioned agreement. The enforcement of a written agreement must also take place within one year of its completion and signing by both parties. For verbal contracts, the time limit is four years. Both parties may agree on items like a disagreement settled by a jury, parties responsible for attorney fees, and alternative dispute resolution forums, beforehand.

No matter what kind of contract you are dealing with, having a seasoned lawyer who practices contract law in your corner can make your life considerably easier. If you are in Broward County and are drafting a legally binding contract or disputing the terms of a contract that you've already entered into, the professionals at David S. Tupler, P.A. can assist you. Our dedicated legal team is ready and willing to look at your unique case and help you determine what your next move should be.

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