With a sharp rise in land development in recent years, construction-related lawsuits have also risen in Hollywood and elsewhere in Florida. Large- and small-scale projects tend to be riddled with complexities leading to disputes between landlords, site managers, contractors, tenants, employees and subcontractors. Due to various local legal codes, Florida statutes, licensing requirements, labor laws and similar factors, a simple dispute can turn into a labyrinth of convoluted and intricate legal processes. For that reason, retaining an experienced Hollywood construction lawyer immediately after a dispute arises is in your best interests.

If you believe that you might soon find yourself in the middle of construction or property-related dispute, or if you're are already involved in one, scheduling a consultation with an attorney will give you a better sense of what you're facing. From liens and warranty claims to bid disputes and contract law, a Hollywood construction litigation attorney from our firm can help you determine how best to approach your unique case. David S. Tupler, P.A. has experience assisting clients in the following:

  • Mediation and arbitration: We can help you form a strategy that lets you avoid a courtroom battle.
  • Delay claims: We can help you file or defend yourself.
  • Litigation against engineers and architects: Our firm will work diligently to protect your rights.
  • Bid disputes and protests: Complex laws mandate how bid disputes and protests must be carried out. We understand the processes and can assist you in matters of this kind.
  • Liens and service disputes: From construction liens to foreclosure liens, we can help you file a motion obtain payment, avoid costly disputes and defend your rights.
  • Warranties and claims: Breached warranties can create a slew of liability issues. Our firm can help you address warranties from multiple angles.
  • Contract drafting and disputes: Our lawyers are skilled at drafting and dissecting legally binding documents.
  • Landlord and tenant law: If you are a landlord or tenant with a dispute against the other side, we can help you arrive at a favorable resolution.
  • Labor litigation: This important sub-area of practice concerns employment law. Because employment and litigation cases can become complicated quickly, having an experienced business lawyer on your side can be very beneficial.
  • Business law: Whether you're safeguarding yourself from future legal action or handling a claim that is already in place, our team can help to protect your assets – and potentially avoid pitfalls in the first place.

Understanding the terminology and definitions pertaining to construction law can help you to better determine your next steps. Our attorneys are experienced in all of the following construction litigation case types:


Contractors, subcontractors and sub-subcontractors may find themselves in situations where they aren't being paid what they are owed in relation to a construction job. This can include payments for services rendered or materials that have been supplied to a job site or construction project. State laws in Florida authorize the use of liens on properties to secure delinquent payments from a lienor. For a lien to be carried out, intent to utilize legal means to collect on debts owed must be given to the owner prior to action being taken. In most cases, 14 days are allowed for lienors to pay their debt or enter into a settlement of some type. This can create a time-sensitive environment in which the outcome of a situation can vary drastically. With the right construction lawyer, a payment plan may be created without the need to set foot in a courtroom. If you've had a construction lien placed against you, our construction litigation lawyers can help you fight it or settle with the other party, on terms more favorable to you.


In Florida, renting or leasing a commercial property may require you to retain the services of a lawyer who handles lease disputes. Such disagreements may include the litigation of lease debt claims, monetary claims cases, non-monetary claims, litigation defense brought on without cause by a landlord, recovering funds lost from unpaid rent, and more. Whether you're a landlord or a tenant, it's important to retain counsel who will ensure that your your legal rights are protected at all times.


Contract-related cases in Hollywood may include banking, construction, financing, insurance, business practice, compounded contracts and more. Retain our contract lawyers to review written agreements already in place, or help you draft potent ones for future use. It is critical to examine every aspect and potential legal ramification of any contract that you are entering into. Whether you are being accused of breaching a construction contract or are trying to draft an effective contract for a potential project or upcoming job, having an experienced and detailed attorney representing your interests is essential.


In today's world, labor laws can lead to ongoing legal battles between employees and employers. Because Hollywood, Florida businesses must comply with multiple guidelines at both state and federal levels, labor law cases can be tricky to navigate. Whether you're an employee looking to file legal claims or an employer trying to protect your legal rights, a qualified labor law attorney can best advise you on your next step. Our firm can help you defend yourself against false compensation claims, assist you in cases at both state and federal levels and help you navigate litigation cases against individuals and corporate officers. Because Florida employers are subject to state and federal wage laws, seeking legal representation early on is an essential.


Despite the best precautionary measures, construction job sites are riddled with potential for injuries and accidents. There are entire industries built around injury suits and worker compensation. In Florida, hundreds of workers are injured on the site every year. Serious injuries can lead to equally serious legal battles. Employees may be entitled to significant compensation that a company may try to get out of paying. Alternatively, your company may be wrongfully sued for compensation that isn't owed. Our attorneys can help you separate fact from fiction and build a potent legal strategy to help you get the best resolution of your construction accident case.


In the construction industry, disputes are inevitable. Due to the high stakes and time constraints of many construction jobs, there often are a few parties who walk away from a project dissatisfied. This can lead to legal battles at potentially high costs. Often, avoiding court is your best option. Arbitration and mediation can help Hollywood construction businesses cut court costs, avoid high legal fees, dodge aggravating bureaucratic procedures and eliminate the need for lengthy court battles. If you want to save time, cut costs, and minimize hassle, setting out of court may be your best move. However, if you attempt to settle a dispute out of court without experienced Hollywood construction lawyers, you may find yourself in a worse situation. Arbitration and mediation involve a structured process that allows individuals to relieve themselves of many legal burdens. A mediator can assist in facilitating the resolution of a dispute and supervising the exchange of information as well as helping to fairly guide the bargaining process between individual parties. With mediation and arbitration, we could find viable solutions to your dispute and structure a creative solution with a fair outcome for everyone involved – something that would be tougher to accomplish in a Florida courtroom.

The Hollywood construction lawyers at David S. Tupler, P.A. stand ready to help you obtain a favorable outcome in Florida courts. Call today to see how we can help resolve your business dispute.

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