Mediator David S. Tupler is the premier choice for mediating wage claim cases in the Broward County area. With 34 years of experience litigating cases in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale, he has the requisite knowledge and practical experience to help streamline settlement negotiations and guide parties in Florida wage claim cases to an agreeable solution, absent the turmoil, expense and uncertainty of pursuing claims through the court system and appeals.

Common wage claims that are resolved in mediation

The most common form of wage dispute in Florida occurs when an employee accuses the employer of not paying the employee the correct wages for hours worked on the job, or paying the employee below the state's minimum wage. While Florida overtime laws mirror federal standards, there can be complex issues at play in these cases involving other accusations by employees against the employer for discrimination, harassment, breach of an employment agreement and other labor law issues. If an employer in a wage dispute is engaged in the business of interstate commerce, the employer may be subject to the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) standards at the federal level. That is why it is beneficial to work with a local mediator who is up-to-date on all significant local, state and national rules and regulations related to labor law.

Another complex issue for many Florida wage disputes is that they often involve a class of employees filing a claim for unpaid wages against an employer. These disputes can be even more intricate to navigate in terms of reaching a viable settlement agreement because of the many parties involved and the damages and potential penalties that the employer may be faced with paying out. Experienced mediators find creative ways to satisfy all parties.

Mediating Florida wage claim cases

One of the common characteristics of many Florida wage claim cases is that they often involve related employment issues that the employee has raised against the employer. They can turn complex quickly because of the interplay of local, state and federal laws on the many issues that may be primed for litigation. It takes a firm grasp of the relevant employment law in each case to be able to successfully guide the parties to a Florida wage dispute to a successful resolution outside of the traditional litigation process.

When parties to a Florida wage dispute choose to work with Mediator David S. Tupler, they can be sure that their case is receiving his full attention and investment in steering all sides towards a workable solution. Even the most contested claims with complex issues can be efficiently resolved by the right local mediator.


Let us help resolve your dispute and avoid expensive litigation.

Settlement negotiations on your terms

Mediator David S. Tupler takes each case on with the goal of guiding the parties towards a mutually beneficial solution. Some parties to Florida wage disputes are not able to resolve all of their issues at the first round of mediation. The parties can work with our mediators to schedule subsequent mediation sessions or reserve a date closer to trial once all of the facts at issue are known to both sides.

More flexibility in discussing the issues

Flexible scheduling options are available through mediation with us. This is not the case with all mediators, and should be considered prior to selecting the one who will handle your case. We understand that scheduling orders and deadlines are quite rigid in these cases, which can cause plenty of anxiety and ultimately distract the parties to a Florida wage dispute from working on an agreeable settlement amount to resolve the claims. We work diligently with all parties to help prevent that.

Avoid time-consuming and costly court prep

The process and environment of mediating Florida wage claims are much less formal than court or administrative proceedings. The parties can present facts, documents and statements to the mediator without worrying about whether they will be used against them in the case if the mediation does not resolve all of their issues. The major benefit of the mediation format, as opposed to the traditional litigation, is that the parties are free to discuss their positions candidly and do not have to engage in posturing to preserve their claims or defenses.

The time saved from avoiding further litigation is a benefit to both the employer and the employee in Florida wage disputes. The employee must take time off of work to attend required proceedings, and the employer loses time and attention to its business activities while litigation is ongoing. In light of these considerations, it is always a good idea for either side that is considering the utility of mediation in a Florida wage dispute to reach out to the other side as soon as possible and determine whether mediation is an option.

Mediator David S. Tupler stands ready to mediate your wage and hour dispute in Broward County. Call today for a consultation or to learn more about our services.

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