Florida Mediator David S. Tupler has 34 years of experience litigating property and casualty disputes throughout Broward County. Given his in-depth knowledge of the applicable Florida rules, regulations and case laws in these types of cases, he is the ideal option when you're searching for a mediator who will understand the subject matter of your case and the actual strength of each party's position.

Common property and casualty disputes

One of the most common scenarios from which a property or casualty dispute will arise is when an insurance carrier refuses to pay a claim for property damage or an injury sustained on an insured's property. Questions arise as to what types of damage are covered under the policy and whether the policy was in full effect at the time of the incident. These cases typically involve expensive claims filed by property owners and require a commitment to working through the parties' positions in a methodical and rational way to reach an acceptable resolution.

There are often many different legal issues at play in these types of insurance disputes, especially if physical injuries are suffered by someone on the property at issue. Complex cases like this are ripe for the alternative dispute resolution process of mediation, as they could otherwise get bound up in months or years of litigating multi-faceted issues in court.

Florida property and casualty disputes are prime candidates for mediation as opposed to taking a claim all the way to trial in front of a judge or jury. The unpredictable nature of the traditional litigation process and outcomes of trials make mediation a sensible and often preferred alternative. Additionally, mediation is much less formal and intimidating, which is why many parties to property casualty disputes increasingly seek the services of an experienced mediator.


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Giving mediation another try

One of the reasons parties to Florida property and casualty disputes may have been unsatisfied with their mediation experience is that the mediator did not do an effective job helping the parties to focus on the important issues or engage in reasonable settlement discussions. This sometimes occurs because the mediator has not taken sufficient time to prepare in advance of the mediation, or does not have a working knowledge of the subject matter at hand.

Mediation after the conclusion of discovery

Another reason why an additional round of mediation may help Florida property and casualty disputes is that the parties may have a different perspective on their respective positions at the conclusion of discovery. They may have a clearer picture of where their claims actually stand and could greatly benefit from having a reliable mediator guide them through a structured discussion of settlement possibilities.

The right mediator makes all the difference

The mediator who works to help resolve your Florida property or casualty dispute can be the deciding factor in whether the parties are able to come up with a resolution that avoids the time and expense of further litigation. Finding the appropriate Florida mediator to handle your mediation is one of the most important considerations you can make in the dispute resolution process.

The advantage of working with an impartial mediator like property & casualty mediator David S. Tupler is that the parties to a property or casualty dispute are encouraged to think outside the box in terms of what an acceptable settlement agreement would be. The parties have the freedom and flexibility to explore a wide range of settlement agreement options, with Mr. Tupler's help and guidance to ensure focus is maintained throughout the process. Instead of simply burning up the clock or ushering the parties out the door when the mediation session ends, Mr. Tupler genuinely invests in the dispute resolution process and takes great pride in going the extra mile to help the parties involved in a property or casualty dispute reach an ultimate resolution to their case.

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