Starting a business can be more than a little overwhelming. From hiring employees to identifying that perfect location to acquiring goods to be sold, challenges lurk around every corner. Factor in the legal responsibilities for getting your company into compliance with Florida law, and it’s easy to see why so many business owners struggle early on. David S. Tupler, P.A., a Fort Lauderdale commercial litigation attorney, has represented Broward County businesses for more than 30 years. Our Firm works to ensure that clients are legally protected in accordance with Florida state law.


Our Broward County commercial litigation lawyers handle a wide range of matters for our clients, including:

  • bad check actions. We will represent your company in the event of bad check collections. This includes monies collected to fulfill contract negotiations, rights to treble damages (three times the amount of the amount on the bad check) and attorney fees.
  • contract disputes. Following the terms specified by the Florida Bar, our Firm will work with your company to make sure all necessary registration paperwork is filled out and accepted; make sure that all written agreements are agreed to by both parties; and review contracts to ensure that all parties agree to all terms. Our attorneys help avoid costly dispute action by ensuring that the contract you're writing or signing is in your best interest in the eyes of the courts.
  • business law. The requirements from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may change over the years to protect employees’ health and safety. We will help review those health and safety training documents to make sure your company is following those guidelines. Our firm can also write employee handbooks to protect the company during the hiring stages. In addition to the business-employee relationship, We also can create vendor contracts and other legal documents.
  • complex construction liens. If your company faces a project owner who refuses to pay for goods or services, a construction lien lawyer at our Firm can help you file a construction lien on the property in Broward County. This includes notice to the owner (NTO) within 45 days of labor or delivered materials. If the owner will not pay after being notified, the lien is the first step needed to force the sale of the property. Meeting the guidelines of Florida law, the proceeds from that sale can be used as reimbursement for the amount owed. We help protect you by explaining your lien rights as they pertain to Florida law, and urging caution on the dangers of incorrect assumptions with a construction lien. This is a tricky area of law – so much so that even lawyers could fall victim to the pitfalls if they’re careless!
  • corporations and corporate documents. Florida law requires that all corporations complete specific registration paperwork, establish bylaws and file all necessary documents annually with the Department of Corporations. In addition to registering paperwork, we can be listed as a registered agent for all legal documents as a go-to contact in the event of legal queries. As a registered agent for your company, we will create, file and maintain all legal paperwork necessary to keep your corporation in compliance.
  • foreclosures. Following the new guidelines set by Governor Rick Scott on June 7, 2013, our Firm will work with you to expedite and complete the process of foreclosure in Fort Lauderdale courts. This includes working with you to determine time limitations, timeshare interests, monetary damages, deficiency judgment and lienholders. We also handle foreclosure cases between landlords and tenants.
  • insurance claims and analysis. Our Fort Lauderdale commercial litigation lawyers will make sure that claims agents follow all guidelines, specifically in terms of claims that were denied without reason. We will review and dispute any claims that were justifiably made and should be rendered to the company in the case of a legitimate loss.

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