David S. Tupler, P.A. is an attorney who has represented his family's construction company for more than 30 years. His philosophy is to treat all his clients like family. He grew up in the construction business, and some of his clients have known David since he was a little boy.

David S. Tupler

Mr. Tupler's rates are as low as you can find among commercial litigation attorneys in Fort Lauderdale and the rest of Broward County. He charges between $225-250 an hour, which is generally $100 less per hour than Mr. Tupler's peers. The $225 an hour rate is for cases in County Court that involve $15,000.00 or less. Mr. Tupler charges this lesser rate to give his clients a chance to collect on debts that might normally be too small to involve a construction lawyer.

At our Firm, you will get the personal touch, literally. Mr. Tupler does his own legal work. He does not assign clients' work to associates, paralegals or law clerks. All the suits and motions are personally drafted by Mr. Tupler and, of course, he argues every hearing himself. Just because you are paying a reduced hourly fee from the general price structure does not mean you should not get superior work. So if you want to save money on lawyers but still get superior legal work, then David S. Tupler. is for you.


Superior legal services for 30% less than our competitors.

Our construction attorneys keep an eye on the bottom line, which is why we use a strategy of getting to mediation or arbitration early in the case. This gives all parties to a construction lawsuit a chance to resolve the dispute amicably with minimum attorney's fees having been expended. In Fort Lauderdale, Courts require you to mediate before you can have a trial in your case. Most cases are mediated right before trial but by then both sides have expended large amounts in lawyer's fees and it is difficult to find a reasonable settlement because the attorney fees can be an impediment. Pushing for early mediation gives our clients a chance to keep such fees under control.

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